Friday, February 18, 2011

About PRSSA Blog Introduction

As someone about to wrap up my college career and graduate into “the real world” I am trying to immerse myself in all that I can to prepare. Many experts on the subject will say that being involved in school organizations and pursuing internship experience while in college is the key to achieving career launching success upon graduation. I am majoring in communication specializing in public relations, and made a concerted effort to find something to become involved with relating to my possible career choice.

I luckily stumbled upon The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)which  is a nationally recognized pre-professional organization aimed at creating a seamless transition for students from their college career to a professional career. This organization has local university chapters all across the United States and my university had an already established chapter for me to join.

I have had such great success with the opportunities PRSSA at St. Edward’s university has provided for me that I would like to use this blog platform as a way to inform others on what it means to be a PRSSA member in general, and more specifically at my university. I will be adding pictures, video, and audio to this blog detailing what it means to be a PRSSA member in general and on St. Edward’s campus more specifically. I look forward to sharing information about our meetings, events we have attended and plan to put on, as well as useful tips and trick I have learned about the world of public relations via PRSSA.

I feel strongly about the power of public relations to create positive change in the world, and the necessity to strategically, intelligently, and ethically conduct these practices.  I will do my best to provide expert and accurate information to better the potential public relations practitioners, as well as rely on and relay via this blog what I have learned though PRSSA.

In hoping to pursue a career in public relations, I am constantly surrounding myself in as much public relations and mass media information as I can. I am interning currently with a public relations agency and have learned great deals about the inner workings of a public relations firm. I see on a daily basis how important it is to keep a vast body of knowledge on the subject when it comes to being able to best strategize and provide smart ideas for your campaigns or clients. Because of this I have provided links in my blog-roll with all relevant and credible media, social media, and public relations blogs.

I look forward to sharing information on PRSSA and St. Edward’s PRSSA, as well as general helpful public relations industry information. Thank you for following my blog. 

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